So This week has been pretty awesome. Tuesday evening I received a voice mail from Skylar with Shark Tank casting. Yeah.. I did… I shook my head in disbelief since my last application was about 5 years ago. I retuned her call and got a voice mail. Ugh!!! Of all the calls that ring on your phone how could I have missed this one. However, within 5 minutes she returned my call. Needless to say THIS IS AWESOME!!!!  This is every entrepreneurs dream call. I did my best to stay calm and answered all her questions.

Fast forward to now, I filled out the 29 page additional application an made a video. I boxed those items up with some samples, magazine articles and the bits and pieces of the last 8 years of the Happe holder company.

There I was at the Fed EX counter box in hand, the clerk asks if the box is valued at over $100.00. It only took a second to correct her and say “No Mam, It is Priceless” .

The opportunity is priceless.

 Whatever the outcome, I share this my family, friends and all the people I have met over the years while walking the beach or at the craft shows I’ve worked . If you are one of the people I met that shared my ambition of going to the tank, Know that I appreciate your purchase and your good wishes . I will keep you posted, 

Best Regards, Jeanne