It has been a blessing that as I start my blog I have the opportunity to thank InnovateLI for the recognition of Innovator of the year award. As a novice in the world of inventing I realize having my first invention being recognized is a rariety. However, the wheels are always turning in the mind of an inventor.

 I couldn’t have gotten to this place without the help of my true love, my husband. Knowing he believes in me and supports me is where I get my strength. My friends have also been a source of support. Some walked the beach with me early on making sales on the beach , purchased Happe Holders for gifts or cheered me on if I had a good fair.

I’d like to inspire the inventor in you. If you have the idea, and don’t know your next move attend an inventors group. Long Island has two great groups, both in Suffolk and Nassau counties. feel free to contact me for more info. I would love to meet you there.

Hope you have a Happe week and keep the wheels in motion.

Remember every day at the beach is great, a Happe Holder just makes it better!

See ya soon, INNOVATOR of the Year Awardee Badge 2015Jeanne